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Did you know that?
  1. Polystyrene foam, aka Styrofoam is a major component of modern pollution. But apart from being deadly to the environment, it is also deadly to the human body!

    Food containers or cups made from Styrofoam leach Styrene when they come into contact with warm food & drinks, alcohol, oils and even acidic foods! This causes human contamination and poses a direct health risk to people.

  2. We use 438 billion units of disposable take-out boxes & hot drink cups every year, which works out to be 140,000 units per second!

    Most disposable containers are made from Expanded Polysterene (Styrofoam). Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and nonrecyclable, and ends up in landfills, polluting the earth, and destroying the environment.

  3. 85,000,000 PET Bottles end up in landfills every year, and in order to produce a mere 100,000 PET Bottles, 1,000,000 points of Carbon Dioxide is produced!

    PET Bottles are a major cause of pollution. Annually, just by drinking bottled water, we generate more than 1,360,000 tonnes of waste from PET Bottles.

    So do your part today to help save the environment and ensure a Greener future for all!