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leading the industry

Thinware is the industry leader for all the right reasons. Boasting a constant supply of raw materials from local suppliers, paired with our "Just-In-Time" technique where materials are ordered based on customer demand, we are able to reduce operational costs, which translate into savings for our customers.

Our in-house Mould Manufacturing Department allows us to manufacture any type of mould our customers' request, removing the need to purchase moulds from other companies, and vastly reducing lead times.

We are also early adopters of the latest technology, investing heavily in new and improved high-end machines with greater efficiency, lower energy consumption, higher accuracy, and less down-time. Our Automated Stacking Machines help ensure better quality control, and greatly reduce the number of man-hours required.

Finally, with our facility located in a strategic location just outside the central port, forwarding costs and lead-times are kept to a minimum.

By investing in only the best, Thinware is able to maintain its industry leading stance, offering its customers the best prices, and the highest quality products!