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pp ware
The Best is Kept Fresh

Fresh foods are the tastiest foods and that's no better way than keeping your meals fresh with PP Ware! Made from the highest grade materials and designed by the industry's best, you can rest assured that your foods will be kept safe and more importantly fresh in Thinware's latest lineup of products. So why wait? Get yours today!

Whether it's for storing or reheating, PP Ware keeps your foods fresh and safe. Pop them in the microwave for a warm hearty meal, or store fruits & vegetables in your refrigerator for maximum freshness.

Whatever the usage, home or commercial, PP Ware is sure to satisfy your needs. And with materials that are recycleable, you save the environment while keeping your fridge organized.

PP Ware Plastics are able to be recycled into items such as vases, watering cans, container fillers, etc.

Eco Friendly
With materials that are safe for the environment, our products are environmentally friendly.

Food Grade
Proven not to transfer dangerous components onto foods, our products are safe for repeated everyday use.

Microwaveable & Freezer Proof
Manufactured from state-of-the-art materials, our containers are microwave friendly & heat resistant, and can also withstand extreme colds.

Easy Snap-On Lid
Just pop the snap-on lid and to gain access to the contents inside. Lid remains secure and safe even after repeated usage.


Product Line-Up

PP Ware comes in various different shapes and sizes to meet any need. Available in 4 different applications, you can choose from Rectangular, Dual Compartment containers, Round containers or Sauce containers.

To find out more details of our PP Ware, kindly click here for the specifications in pdf format.